"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012

"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012
Portraits de Maitre

dimanche 7 août 2022

Bruce Dickinson "Iron Maiden"

07 août 1958

Ce qui me rapproche de lui :

"I don't like being recognised, I have no interest in being famous at all, I just do what I do. If I could be like Captain Kirk and beam myself up and then beam myself down, I would!"

"I think the best way to find out about something is to try to do it to the max. A lot of people take up a hobby or sport and then find an excuse not to carry on with it. Once I start something, I won't stop until I'm as good at it as I'll ever be." Read more

"Tears of The Dragon" - Live (São Paulo 1999)

Ils sont nés un 07 août : Alain Saint-Ogan (1895), Nicholas Ray (1911), Manitas De Plata (1921), Maurice Tillieux (1921), Caroline Cellier (1945), Bruno Pelletier (1962), ...

Ils nous ont quittés un 07 août : Xavier Forneret (1884), Oliver Hardy (1957),  André Bloch(1960), Daniel Pellus (2009), Bruno Cremer (2010), Étienne Chicot (2018), ...

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