"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012

"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012
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mardi 16 juin 2015

Billy Idol

Ce qui me rapproche de lui :

"If people here don't want to believe, then they can leave me alone. I don't have to try – but I want to, I want to. I've got a lot of spite against England but I've got a lot of love as well. Deny it to me and I don't need you. It's as heavy as that."
Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumping on the floor
She said "Come on baby I got a license for love
And if it expires pray help from above"

In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more"
In the midnight hour babe- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell- "more, more, more"
More, more, more