"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012

"L'Union" du 17 juin 2012
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mercredi 30 novembre 2022

Billy Idol

30 novembre 1955

Ce qui me rapproche de lui :

'I got my heart broken a bit but I broke hearts too, so I’m hardly blameless.’

Dans sa bibliographie :

” … I am hopelessly divided between the dark and the good, the rebel and the saint, the sex maniac and the monk, the poet and the priest, the demagogue and the populist. Pen to paper, I am putting it all down, every bit from the heart. I am going out on a limb here, so watch my back.”

Recherches associées :

Bryan Adams & Billy Idol - C’mon Everybody Jones Beach, NY August 4, 2019

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